Hair extensions 

I decided to get Racoon ‘hair in recovery’ extensions fitted by trained professionals who specialise in helping women with weak thinning hair. You have to wait 6 months after treatment and I wasn’t sure how the consultation would go but I saw Jenna Bright who was very supportive, she has a salon in Leeds and sometimes sees ladies in Yarm (much closer for me). 

I was pleased to find out I had been accepted and went ahead with a brown/red colour mix, 12 inches long. It’s recommended that you don’t have more than this length as this pulls on the hair follicles too much. 

I felt a little self conscious getting it done as I sat for five hours and a really trendy couple came in they were going to the gay pride event in Newcastle and were getting their hair ready talking about the TV show Love Island and their outfits. She had lovely blonde curly hair and he was loud and confident. They could see one finished side of my hair as I listened in but then when my chair was turned they could see my damaged hair and started to ask questions. 

Sometimes it doesn’t take long before chemo is mentioned it surprises me sometimes how fast it comes up in conversation. ‘have you had extensions before? Do you love them? What made you get them?’ I said Ermmm and then the hairdresser said she’s had quite the transformation today’ hold for a pause and confused faces as they try to work our why I have a half frazzled head of hair. But they were very supportive and kind once they realised, everyone is! 

This is my hair before extensions. It normally stands up in the air like ‘troll hair’ but Jenna straightened it down 🙂  

This is my hair after racoon Extensions were fitted, huge improvement! 

Swish swish,  I have hair! I have never walked along a street feeling as confident as I did walking out of that hairdressers. Look at me I’m so normal, I’m just like everyone else! Every day is closer and closer to normality! Whatever that is ☺ 

Since I have had them I have found them quite easy to take care of, I had them fitted one week before my holiday to tenerife so I was a bit worried about my hair getting wet in the pool. Once wet my hair goes curly as I still have curly chemo hair. 

This is it looking nice and wavey on my hols I think I’ll buy curling spray and scrunch it up more. 

What I do find though is I have a lot of sticky up bits which is my original hair poking through and the top section of hair is much shorter, they don’t have bonds they are left to cover the bonds and when the wind blows these shorter bits really stick up unfortunately.  Eventually they will grow and I’m learning how to tame it with sprays and gels. 

I love being able to tie it back again and it was flying all over on a recent trip to the carnival, I love having hair again, I have missed it. A wig just isn’t the same..  your constantly worrying if it will come off or if people can tell. Look at my hair on this ride, it would have taken ages to grow it to this length, feeling thankful for extensions! 😀 

Cheeky snapchat on the boat in tenerife. Hair all tied up with a random platt, hey why not I’m on holiday looking for whales ☺ sangria anyone? 😀 

Me back at work feeling normal again with scrunched hair 🙂

Me and my boy 👦 ☺ 💕 


One thought on “Hair extensions 

  1. “Every day is closer and closer to normality, whatever that is ” That line in your blog is so true!! Love the hair…. I am having the final step of reconstructive surgery next week on February 1st. And I have decided to get my eyebrows micro-bladed! For me my eyebrows never grew back normal and when some hair does grow I have to pluck it because it is not wear it is supposed to be! ……Pina (aka Josefina)


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