Holidays after treatment 

What do you do when you finish grueling prolonged treatment for cancer?? book some trips away of course!! Life is so short so why not? I have been through so much and I’ll be back to work soon/back to normality so I’m treating myself.. 

First on the list 

1, Greece, I was lucky to be going here for work so I extended it to a holiday and took my partner along 🙂 we loved it. 

2, Good ol Butlins ☺my son loves it here we meet up with another girl from his school. There are shows on each night and a beach/fairground rides, mini golf, swimming pool with slides and plenty of places to eat. 

3, Disneyland Paris for my sons birthday 🎂 this trip is in June and I’m so excited to take him. I found out kids are free if under 7 so I decided to plan this last minute. I am tired from my other trips and the effects of treatment on my body but I want him to have a really good birthday. 

4, Tenerife, my mam is treating my family to this trip for my ‘cancerversary’  (the day I was told the awful heartbreaking news) how kind of her. She wants me to be happy on this day and not get depressed. She loves tenerife and has been to this apartment 10 times so she can show us where to eat and where to go.


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