Suspect Lymphnode Removal

I thought I was coming to the end I’m half way through radiotherapy and felt like reconstruction in about a year was all I had ahead of me but no… A CT scan has shown that a lymphnode near my op site has grew and then shrunk. This could be a normal node shrinking down after being distressed during the op or the chemo could have shrunk it which means it’s cancerous.  

My oncologist told me they would target it with radiotherapy, I asked I if I needed another ct scan at the end to see if it’s gone she said no I shouldn’t need one and it should go back to normal size. Even if it had gone to normal size I don’t think I can risk just leaving it inside of my body. 

The problem with removing the node is that it’s under muscle and high up on the chest so it’s near blood vessels. After me showing much concern my oncologist agreed I could get in touch with my surgeon to ask if he thinks he can remove it. He may say no but it’s worth a try. I don’t think I can live life knowing I may have a lymphnode with cancer in it. I’m worried about the op as it may hurt and could cause problems for future surgery in this area.

I’m still waiting to hear if this op is going ahead. It’s looking more likely after a meeting with my surgeon. 


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