I have started thinking more about reconstruction. I was originally told that I would need an L flap reconstruction which is a piece of skin taken from the back to replace the breast. This is a huge operation and transplants the skin from the back round to the front. You are left quite a diagnal scar on your back. 

I would prefer to have DIEP reconstruction which takes skin and fat from your stomach to recreate your original form. Chemo friends joke this is like having a tummy tuck at the same time as your boob job. I hope so! I plan to have the tissue taken from my healthy breast as I don’t want to constantly live in fear of this happening in the opposite side. 

Update May 2017 – I have been told I can be referred to James Cook for Diep reconstruction I’m so scared. I will have scars on my abdomen and new breast. Here’s a pic I found on Instagram of the scars I can expect but hopefully they will heal quickly and I can have a flatter tummy in future something I have longed for since 2011.oh and to have a cleavage again oh my word wouldn’t that be nice. I’ll be wearing low cut tops again and feeling like a woman 🙂 no more prosthetic boob or ‘foob’ as I call it 😂 which the dog always grabs and runs off with!! 


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