I started off with my free NHS wig I didn’t  have high hopes for it as it’s synthetic and I heard rather uncomfortable but mine wasn’t to bad it’s the same colour and length as the hair I started off with 

I think it looks better tied back 

Then bought two long cheap wigs off Amazon to see how I looked with long hair they helped me feel really girly and pretty. 

I finally got my more expensive human hair wig which I bought using money from a go find me page. My work colleagues, friends. Family and people I used to know from school all helped me to pay for this and I am so grateful as it’s much more natural looking than a synthetic wig. 

I also bought another human hair wig from Clinic 36 in Darlington.. 

 This red one looks good curled top, I had a night out after chemo, I hadn’t been out for so long and needed to let my hair down, haha let my wig down 🙂 

Here are some other looks 🙂 

And my latest wig I received from another pink sister, how kind… 


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