Planning a wedding 

Me and Steven have been together 8 years we have talked about marriage in the past but the cost of the wedding has always put us off. I now realise how short life can be so we have decided to set a date. I am going to look for a venue and I’m already feeling excited and nervous. 

I initially wanted to have the wedding next year (2017) however I won’t be free of all treatments till May 2017. I think it may be best to wait until summer 2018 so that I have time to lose the weight (which I may put on due to steroids) have my reconstruction (possibly) and be back to my normal self.

A not so nice person said why is she waiting till 2018? As if I won’t live that long! How negative ey? People can be cruel they usually don’t understand breast cancer and just assume if you have cancer you are going to die and that’s it, so much for positivity. 

I would like to get married out of town and I’m excited to start planning. For now I just want to find a venue but I’m not in the biggest rush I will slowly visit venues. I already feel so busy right now with medical appointments, school runs, housework and working from home. 

Update February 2017 – I have a booking to visit a wedding venue,  exciting 🙂 

Update June 2017 – I’m still viewing venues I have seen a few things I like and I’m getting excited. I have just been to my cousins wedding it was a great day/night and gave me lots to think about. Pics below ☺ 


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