Life goes on 

I have cancer,  cancer doesn’t have me.  Cancer won’t ruin my life it makes me appreciate it more and on the days I feel good I try to enjoy life.  I have had quite a few day where I have thought ‘wow I am so happy’ not something you would expect from a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy!! I have good says so why not enjoy those good days 🙂 

Roker Park lights with my son,  partner, his sister and mam .. 

Halloween fun with my son.. 


When chemo takes effect it drags you down. The first week is sleepy full of pill and injections feeling sorry for myself as I can’t do much with kieran. The second week I come around and want to so things but need to be careful of crowds and what I eat but the third week I am me again and it’s the best week ever. I make up for everything I have missed out on 🙂 like

Seeing work colleagues 

Christmas shopling at the metro (us on the kids train) 

My sons karate classes

Walking the dog 

Christmas karate party

My sons play 🙂 

New years eve with my fiance and my mam 

And much more to come 🙂 


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