There is a lady in the support group who hasn’t told anyone about breast cancer as she doesn’t want it to define her life.  I can understand this,  I wasn’t sure if to tell everyone but when breast cancer awareness came around in October I couldn’t help but feel there would be people on Facebook putting off going to the doctor about a suspicious lump so I thought it would be best to tell people and share this blog for more information.

I am absolutely truly overwhelmed by the support I have received. I set up a wig fund after realising how much wigs cost, it now stands at £950!! Which means I can get a human hair wig and also a few synthetic wigs, scarves, headbands, wig shampoo and conditioner etc so now I am not worried about my hair situation thank you all so so much!! 😀 💇 

I have received a lot of gifts already  which I have shown in previous posts. They still keep coming!  I received this lovely gift yesterday from my friend Allison at work.. 

And treats from my friend joy 

I was also shocked to receive a trip to a Scottish lodge from a close work colleague. This is so nice,  I am shocked at everyone’s generosity. 


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