Benefits & Charities  

I really thought having cancer would give me benefit entitlement.  I found out at my workplace I was only entitled to 3 months full pay and 3 months half pay. I might have to try and keep working through chemotherapy in order to not lose out but my oncologist is telling me people don’t normally work during chemo.  I have already had around 1 1/2 months off for operations.

Personal Independence Payment – I filled in a booklet of questions with the help of a macmillan support officer and I was also assessed in my home and I was denied this benefit as I can still look after myself despite everything that’s going on. I felt like it was such a waste of time and effort and I don’t understand why some women with breast cancer have this and others don’t. 

Critical Illness –  if you have life insurance you may be entitled to some funds only if you have critical illness cover which unfortunately a lot of people don’t have! If you do have critical illness you will require an extensive report from your Dr/Surgeon and Breast Care Nurse and may take some time to find out the result. 

ESA  – some people don’t get much sick pay so once it ends you could look towards ESA however most people would hope to not have to apply for this and be covered with their works sick pay.  I hope I’m never left with just this option.

Fantastic organisations that help people like me – 

Willow Foundation fund a ‘special day’  for you and your family. When I’m feeling up to it I have been approved a special day.   I am thinking of going to London for the first time to see a show.  This is something to look forward to I just hope I’m well enough on the day! 

The Osborne Trust funds local activities for your child such as cinema,  farm,  bowling. They also provide a pink or grey elephant for your little ones 🙂 I applied and we all went to see Trolls and kieran got his elephant 🙂 

I received free ‘foobs’ from with lovely messages of support.  The white one of these is for swimming 🙂 

There is also ellies friends website where I won tickets to celebriry juice. 

If you know of any other information I can provide here please let me know. 


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