Humour and Honesty 

Sometimes life gets so bad you just have to laugh at it.  My partners mam Susan is very comical and always looks at things in a humorous manner, she finds sexual innuendos in any conversation and often has me in stitches by her reactions to everyday life. 

Yesterday I told her I had a plasterer out and when she asked why I said to get a lump removed from the wall,  she found this rather funny and said so you have had lumps removed from your body and now lumps removed from your home?  What are we going to do with you? This cheered me up on a rather miserable morning and let’s face it,  we all need cheering up from time to time.  

I try to forget about my situation as often as possible and just be normal,  people would think we were crackers if they saw us all laughing, joking and having daft rows whilst facing a cancer diagnosis but life goes on and why change the way you are and get depressed over it.  I have a fighting chance so I’m in a better situation than others. 

Susan was telling me her mam had a mastectomy like me and when she got hot she put her prosthetic boob in the freezer to cool her down and joked about the unlucky sod who discovered it in their or in a cool box.  I laughed when I heard this during my lumpectomy next thing I know I have one boob and a fake cushion boob and I actually think it’s a fab idea!

In my normal days I try to go to Middlesbrough to shop like a mad woman for some much needed retail therapy, nothing feels as good as coming home with bags of new gear and looking at all your goodies laid out on the floor 🙂 if only I had the chance to do this every week. 


I like to very honest, I have always been too open and honest really and it gets me in trouble or hurt.  I have told some people my entire cancer story and thought why have I told them all that I barely know them!  Did they really need to know every detail? 

I was very honest with my son and he was concerned I might lose my hair,  I said I’ll get a wig though so nobody will know it will be our little secret!  He looked sad and said what if I don’t recognise you? I just said of course you willll silly Billy I’ll always be your mammy.  

I was really unsure if to tell him about the mastectomy,  I hid it from him for about two weeks and then realised I was hiding in my own house.  I suddenly had to lock bathroom doors,  get changed in a corner and I could no longer have baths with my son.  I consulted the young persons forum and everyone said it was time to be honest and also show my partner my scar. Your loved ones love you for who you are and a scar shouldn’t change that although it is of course a huge scar!! My partner and won have been totally fine and now accept my scar as a part of me.  Hopefully I can get reconstructed in a year’s time. 

For now I can still have one boob and no hair and be beautiful I hope 



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