About me 

My name is Tracey,  I’m 32 and I’m in am 8 year relationship with my partner Steven.  We have a beautiful 6 year old boy named kieran. I work on conferences and events within a university.

I’m sharing my story to help other women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer,  I hope it helps you in some way to understand what life is like after diagnosis. 

On 22 July 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, after suspecting a 12mm tumour I had a lumpectomy with 3 lymphnodes removed. I discovered it was actually 9cm and therefore I needed a full mastectomy on my left side with reconstruction 1 year later. the tumour is now removed however A CT scan showed I still have a suspect lymphnode. I would have preferred this to be removed as well however the operation would be difficult as the lymphnode is under a muscle. which is under a muscle, it will be monitored after Chemotherapy. I will undergo 6 rounds of chemotherapy (3 FEC and 3 TAX) and then radiotherapy. Hopefully I can also get this lymphnode removed if no signs of improvement.

Follow my story in pictures on Instagram @faith.for.the.future.   

I had a two week wait before meeting with my oncologist so that I could undergo Ivf treatment. It was worth waiting a little as I have managed to get 11 embryos frozen which gives me such hope for the future I would love a little girl 🙂

I wanted to share my story as my cancer could have gone undetected,  I had pain in my breast as well as feeling two small lumps.  I had a ultrasound and mammogram which only showed a very small shadow not a 9cm tumour!!   Young women have dense breast tissue which means its hard to see what’s hiding in there even with a mammogram and ultrasound.  Everyone kept reassuring me it was nothing (Dr’s, nurses,  ultrasound technicians) however I was soon called in to be told the devastating news.

If you have any concern at all you need to speak to a Dr,  whether it be a lump,  pain or any kind of leakage from the nipple.  Young women don’t get mammograms as it’s so hard to see beyond the dense tissue. I wish women could have a CT scan when they reach a certain age.

This little guy keeps me going 🙂


One thought on “About me 

  1. /I myself have never had breast cancer or any cancer but my grandmother had two mastectomies and a good friend of mine had one in her last early 20s. Although I’ve never lost anyone close to breast cancer it takes its toll in many ways.

    So each October I use my blog to promote people to click for free to help fund free mammograms for the community centers a such. Each click doesn’t count for much but with a multitude of clicks…things to happen. The site I choose funds various causes like Animal Rescue Diabetic and Alzheimer Research, as well as Greater Good Causes, Literacy, Autism Research, and hunger. Each of these sites can be found from the Breast Cancer Mammogram Funding site and can be clicked everyday. I make it a point to try to visit the site and click ALL buttons several times a week, though out the years. This site has been checked out and is legitimate and offers companion sites that sell items relating to the cause you pick and each purchase price includes a proponent given to a charity regarding the button so I’m going to leave the link to the Fund Mammogram site here to encourage your followers to also make use of this free resource. click here to: FUND FREE MAMMOGRAMS

    I glad to see more sites like yours on the internet and believe your courage to share helps many others with your same problems. Thank you for your site and sharing and thank you for visiting my little eclectic blog. ~~dru~~


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