I remember when I told my friend she was so shocked,  we met for a bike ride with my son and I cried as soon as I seen her,  I couldn’t get my words out very well and didn’t want my son to see.  She was very supportive and said okay don’t worry we will get through this.  We sat in the park and I forgot about it for a while as we talked about other things,  I sighed and suddenly remembered and then said ‘aww I love it when I forget about it it’s so good’  this made her tear up,  something I have never seen before. 

I think she was shocked with all the new information I told her about breast cancer,  it is so much to get your head around.  I told her about having to get a mastectomy and the complications of LD flap reconstruction.  I explained the different types of cancer and all the ins and out of losing hair, eyebrows and eyelashes and the side effects of chemo. 

What I loved was her positivity and sarcasm,  she also liked to play around and be silly as well as having the serious cancer related chats. She kept me sane through chemo and was a shoulder to cry on,  we have great fun shopping and going for meals. Unfortunately we fell out at the end of treatment which wasn’t the best timing.

It’s good to talk you must get your feelings out,  I have never been offered any form of counselling so bottling things up won’t help!  Writing this blog is certainly helping me. 

I have really appreciated all the love and support from friends since finding out. I’m glad I had a close friend during treatment as a shoulder to cry on 🙂  she also came with me to one of my treatments. 

Me and Jen 

I met up with my friend Jen during treatment, we were bezzie mates through school and had some wild times together. She was shocked how normal I was after each op and got me a lovely bracelet which I am going to wear for chemo and on other days to keep positive. It’s been so great seeing her again and sharing things with someone who has known me so long. 

What I love about jen is her ‘I don’t care’ attitude and her advice – ‘who gives a fck what people say Tray?’ I wish I could be like that.  Jen is very honest so she will always tell me if I’m being a ‘doyle’ about something 🙂 she’s also always laughing which is fab as nothings too serious for too long 🙂 after serious appointments this is just what’s needed.

Jen came with me for my 5th chemo treatment and has been in touch throughout which means a lot. My mam has bought a caravan near her so we may see each other more after treatment. 

Work Friends

My work friends have sent me beautiful gifts and very thoughtful messages I miss them all,  we are all a social bunch and they really make work fun, We always meet for dinner and a have head some good nights out in Durham.  I think we need to make more time for fun  next year when I return 🙂 

Thanks to my work friends for being so great to me during my 3 years at DUBS, I look forward to seeing you next year.  

Joy,  Ruth,  Sharon,  Anne,  Diane,  Yasmin,  Nicola,  Louise,  Alison, Karen,  Ashleigh,  Michelle,  Chloe, Rebecca,  Birgit,  Chris,  Laura,  Hayley, Eleanor, Deborah,  Julie and allison so so so many more I could name ill be here all night thank you 🙂 

Me and Joy 

Me and joy have met up and despite her living in Durham we manage to meet and go to the cinema and recently I showed her around hartlepool and we went for fish and chips on the sea front. She has now had a baby boy Giddeon and it was so wonderful to meet him and hold him. When I returned to work from treatment Joy had moved to a new department. I miss her but we will still meet up in Durham 🙂 

I have recently been meeting up with work friends and received this amazing spa gift. I plan to wait till I feel more normal to use it 🙂 

Online Friends 

I have online friends who I speak to all the time but rarely meet up with,  Shirlee,  Laura,  Lyndsey,  Claire,  Mylene.  I am open to sharing so much with these people as it’s so comfortable to chat with them.  Hopefully I can actually see them more in person once back to myself again xx

I recently met up with Claire and hope to meet with Laura and her boys soon.  I spend time with Stevens mam and sister too. The majority of support has came through online messages and people from my past donating money to my wig fund 🙂 my brother is also constantly in touch and it makes me feel so supported and like people really care. 


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