As I am triple negative I am able to fit in IVF treatment before chemo.  My cancer does not feed on oestrogen therefore it is not dangerous to have the oestrogen injections necessary for IVF.

I had not realised the IVF process was so intense! it felt all very last minute and on top of having so many hospital appointments I was shocked to see my new schedule.  I need to get blood taken every other morning in Middlesbrough (half an hour drive) on some of these days I also need an internal scan.  I also inject myself each morning and night and take antibiotics. 

I had a lot of appointments at the start to learn how to inject and go through the legal process of it all.  I also needed to seek funding,  you don’t get funded if you already have a child. When I get my eggs collected I’ll be sedated but awake.  I feel quite nervous about it as it last twenty minutes,  it’s performed by a man and I’ll feel bloated after with a feeling similar to period pain.

Despite all this I’m very very lucky to have this opportunity.  Chemotherapy can destroy your eggs and you may not get your cycle back after chemotherapy so this is a back up for me.  I may be one of the lucky ones and be able to conceive naturally after chemotherapy.

Update 27 September 2016

I had my eggs collected today and it went really well,  17 embryos collected,  14 good enough to use and 11 fertilised via ICSE. I have bad cramps,  bleeding and have lost my dignity with legs up in sterips and a light shining onto my V but hey it’s all worth it 🙂 I am so pleased to have the opportunity to go through the IVF process during this nightmare.

Still smiling,  ready for egg collection and feeling hopeful 🙂

Update- I also had zoladex through chemo for my remaining eggs, this shut them down during treatment triggering early menaupause (as if I didn’t have enough symptoms to deal with) this stops the chemo attacking the eggs (hopefully). It’s nice to have this extra protection. I found out about this option online and wasn’t offered it,  I asked for it. 

Sometimes I’m shocked how much the patient has to push for things rather than just offered every option. I really had to push for ivf they didn’t know what type I had and said it was dangerous to do ivf if it was oestrogen positive but I insisted on ivf then afterwards found out it wasn’t oestrogen related otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. Everything happens for a reason. 


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